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Pole Guardz are a designed to increase the usability and functionality of your bridge hammock while allowing you to decrease your pack weight. Use them in the dogbone suspension where your spreader bars are installed to decrease wear on the dogbones, decrease the chances of putting a hole in your tarp, and maybe most importantly, add the ability to utilize your trekking poles as spreader bars*. Simply place them inline in the loops of the dogbone where the spreader bar tip normally goes. If your hammock already has hardware to attach the spreader bar poles, you may need to alter your hammock suspension to use Pole Guardz (see photos).


Pole Guarz will accomodate stock spreader bars, carbon fiber spreader bars, standard trekking pole tips and any other pole tip up to 1/4" in diameter.


Set of 4 weighs .80 ounces.


Available as a set of 4 or sold individually.



* for this functionality you will need to use monopod style trekking poles that have a 1/4" x 20 threaded rod or a similar sized post on the head end. (see photos)


Pole Guardz

SKU: 5001
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